Information about our day nursery in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

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Earlsheaton nursery

Eversleigh day nursery - Westborough

Located in the south of Dewsbury, our Earlsheaton nursery provides a sanctuary for pre-school children. The nursery offers a before and after school collection service and a holiday club for children up to 8 years-old.


Eversleigh day nursery - Earlsheaton

The nutritional standards in our nursery is excellent, and has received the Kirklees Healthy Choice Gold Award.

What the Parents Say

My sons have been lucky enough to experience both Eversleigh Day Nursery site's and I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of childcare.

My sons are 4 and 2 and were 9 months old when they started nursery.

The settings are welcoming and homely and the staff are very friendly and approachable.

When dropping my children off for the day it feels like I am leaving them with family which is a huge comfort for myself as well as the children.

Tracy Parker

I have three children, who attend Eversleigh from 2 month old, It was the first nursery I visited and got such a warm, friendly, homely feel that I didn’t visit any other.

My Eldest son has a metabolic condition which requires a special diet and Eversleigh have done an excellent job at catering for his special need. Halal food is available which is definitely a plus point for Muslim children.

Professional, caring, loving staff which my children love!

Both of our children attended Eversleigh, our youngest son is still there. Eversleigh has helped with our child's development and they have met some lovely friends.

Eversleigh is a safe and secure environment for our children to be looked after and it is homely too.

I would recommend Eversleigh to our friends and family.